Far more “in preparation” than I have published.  Recent work can be seen in:

Other Publications

  • Andrew Cowell and Tim O’Gorman “Towards a Computational Database of Arapaho.” Forthcoming 2015 in Proceedings of 45th Algonquian Conference, Chicago, 2012.
  • Rei Ikuta, Will Styler, Mariah Hamang, Tim O’Gorman and Martha Palmer (2014) Challenges of Adding Causation to Richer Event Descriptions, In proceedings of the 2nd Events Workshop, held in conjunction with ACL 2014, Baltimore, MD.
  • Abdelati Hawwari, Wajdi Zaghouani, Tim O’Gorman, Ahmed Badran, Mona Diab “Building a lexical semantic resource for Arabic morphological Patterns.” Communications, Signal Processing, and their Applications (ICCSPA), 2013 1st International Conference on. IEEE, 2013.
  • Warner, Colin, Arrick Lanfranchi, Tim O’Gorman, Amanda Howard, Kevin Gould, and Michael Regan. “Bracketing biomedical text: an addendum to Penn Treebank II guidelines.” (2012).
  • O’Gorman, Tim. “Two kinds of definiteness in Lakhota.”, presented at 34th Siouan and Caddoan Languages Conference, Chicago, Illinois (2010).

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